Yoga Etiquette for Students

Radiantly Alive Yoga Etiquette

Yoga can be a sacred practice bringing benefits far beyond simply the physical level. How we, as students, approach the class greatly affects how much benefit we receive from the practice.

  • Arrive several minutes before class so you are ready for class to begin at the appointed time and place you personal belonging into one of the cubbies inside your class room.
  • Be scent free for everyone's benefit. Refrain from wearing strong aromas, and make sure your body is clean and free of body odor.
  • While style is fun, ensure your clothing is appropriate and not a distraction from anyone's experience. Men, please wear shirts in class (Ashtanga Vinyasa excepted).
  • While yoga mats are provided by Radiantly Alive Yoga Studio at no cost, you may wish to bring your own for the energetic benefit of its continuous use.
  • If you wear glasses: rather than putting them on the ground beside your mat, place them safely on a block. It's great to take them off during savasana (corpse pose).
  • Inform your teacher if you have any injuries that might require special attention.
  • Do your best to follow the teacher's instructions rather than 'moving to your own beat.' Drawing on the positive benefits of the guru/disciple relationship, as students we receive the most by being receptive and giving our best. If you need to modify due to injury attempt to keep close to the feel of the instructions and ask your teacher for assistance with modifications.
  • Refrain from student to student discussion or assistance during class unless the teacher calls for partner or group exercises in order to keep the most focus and safety for all.
  • Be responsible for your own sweat! If you expel much, please use a towel and wipe the area after yourself when you finish.
  • While it's best not to drink water during class, feel free to bring a water bottle, though please leave any open lid glasses/containers outside the yoga room.
  • Clean your mat after practice. RA Yoga Studio provides organic mat cleaner and towels for you to wipe the mat to keep it clean and bacteria free.

Ashtanga Mysore Student Etiquette

In order for all students to receive the maximum benefit from their Ashtanga yoga practices we ask students to please consider suggested classroom etiquette.

  • Arrive at a time that allows you to complete your practice and finish on time.
  • If you are a beginner please come at the start of class.
  • Please refrain from talking to other students in the studio as this can distract other students and the teacher.
  • If the room is full please wait quietly until the teacher is able to find a space for you.
  • Bring your own clean mat (if possible) and a small hand towel.
  • Women are encouraged to take days of rest with their moon cycle.
  • Please practice the traditional Ashtanga vinyasa yoga sequence as taught by the late Sri K Pattabhi Jois.