Workshop with Dylan Werner

FlyStrong Vinyasa
Saturday 18th Nov
10am – 12:30am

A playfully strong Vinyasa class designed to take you on to the arms and upside down. Handstands, forearm stands, headstands and arm balances become the flow as we fly through fun transitions and sequences. Options will be given if you are not a hand stander or arm balancer. All levels welcome to enjoy this super fun flow.

(2.5-hour workshop) All Levels

Arm Balance Evolution
2:30pm – 5:30pm

This class is about getting on your hands and exploring the edge that arm balances can bring you to. By building a solid foundation and understanding the simple concepts of strength and stability, you will build trust, self-confidence and the ability to evolve your practice. We will play around with several arm balances and different ways to enter and hold them. From a stable foundation we’ll add transitions from arm balance to arm balance, headstands to arm balances and possibly even handstand transitions and one hand arm balances for those that are ready.

(3-hour workshop)

Float and Fly
Sunday 19th Nov
10am – 1pm

This class will give you the tools to customize your own flow for every level. I will teach you how to move on your mat with grace and control so that you can float and fly with ease. Moving with control is how we keep consciousness and awareness always present in our practice. The techniques you will learn in this class will add this level of mindfulness as you float to the top of your mat, fly into handstand, transition through crow, lower with control and more. You will learn simple concepts that will advance you no matter what stage in your practice you are in. We finish it off with fun handstand and arm balance transitions.

(3-hour workshop) All Levels


Flexibility Fundamentals
3pm – 6pm

This workshop is designed for anyone working on becoming more flexible, especially if you are not a naturally flexible person or a very inflexible person. We explore several different ways stretch, to include dynamic stretching, PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation), Neural Flossing, Yang and Yin style stretching. We will also talk about how and why the body responds to stretching from an anatomical viewpoint and how to safely bypass these restrictions.

(3-hour workshop) All Levels


Full price for all workshops: 2.500.000 IDR / Early Bird 2.100.000 IDR
Price per workshop: 700.000 IDR / Early Bird 600.000 IDR
(Early bird before 11th Nov)

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