Workshops & Events at Radiantly Alive

Radiantly Alive Fly High Workshop

Some incredible people come through Bali, and Radiantly Alive. We hand-pick our favorite artists, musicians, thinkers and teachers to distill & share what they have cultivated. Check out our upcoming workshops, events, intensives and more below:

Workshops with Dylan Werner
28-29 May 2016

dylan workshop Saturday, May 28
Beyond Balance Vinyasa Class (All Levels) 9 - 11am

A strong all level flow class designed to challenge you through creative sequencing and some tricky transitions that will take your practice to the next level.

A Deeper Understanding Of Inversion (All Levels) 12 - 3pm
This is a very in-depth workshop, with focus on the anatomy and alignment of hands, wrist, shoulders and core in relation to handstand. You will learn how to build strength, overcome fear and get upside down.

Sunday, May 29
Inverting The Backbend (Intermediate/Advanced) 11 - 2pm

Take your backbend inverted. First understand how to safely and effectively deepen your backend. Then you will learn how to open and strengthen the body while deepening our backbends into several different inversions.

Power Through Breath (All Levels) 3 - 5pm
In this pranayama workshop, we will explore how to utilize our breath fully. How to gain more power, control and focus through breath. How to expand lung capacity and harness the power of breath to advance our strength and practice.

For the entire weekend:
Early Bird (Until May 25): 1,250,000 IDR
Regular Price: 1,500,000 IDR

Per Workshop: 500,000 IDR
Early Bird (Until May 25): 400,000 IDR


Tibetan Heart Yoga with Sanna Kokkonen
dylan workshop Sunday, June 5

3 Hours of Nourishing the Heart

"If we learn to open our hearts, anyone, including the people who drive us crazy, can be our teacher." - Pema Chödrön

Tibetan Heart Yoga emphasizes the meditative and spiritual aspects of yoga, the "inner practices", as being of equal importance as the physical yoga postures, "outer practices". The aim of this workshop is to oer the tools to open up our heart center for a deeper connection with our self, and with others.

We'll be playing with some gentle - yet fun - partner yoga. We'll be chanting, applying various powerful concentration and meditation techniques, and exploring our breath. Suitable for all levels, no limitations!

Price: 350.000 IDR
Early Bird : 250.000 IDR (Until June 2)