Living Food Chef Certification Course

JUN 20 – JULY 15
SEP 20 – OCT 16
Ubud, Bali

The Experience

Now is the time.

Are you ready?

To awaken to the purposeful, inspired, incredible life that is waiting for you. Time to nourish your mind and your body.

Twenty-six days on the Island of the Gods, creating incredible raw gourmet food, yoga, and deep self-inquiry. It will change your world in momentous ways.

This is not your regular Living Food training. We believe that that fresh ingredients and proper culinary technique are just one aspect of what makes amazing, nutritious food. More importantly than what is made, is who you are when making it.

What do we do differently? The Living Food Chef Certification Course is part of the larger Level 1 Training. Meaning that each day you will be meeting, interacting and growing with trainees on the Yoga Teacher Training and the Leadership Training. You will be creating the food that fuels their mind and bodies – this is not your run of the mill theoretical based experience. You will learn live information and food preparation that will immediately go into practice as you nourish 80+ people; real world experience like no other. Understanding that food is not the only ingredient for a fulfilled life, you will also be joining the larger group for certain parts of your training like the Radiant Life Activation (read more below). During your time with the big group you will become much more than a Living Food Chef; you will become empowered to live an extraordinary life – a life of freedom, vitality, fulfillment and love. You will learn the tools and skills needed to create mouth-watering raw food cuisine using the abundance of gifts Bali that has to offer – succulent mangos, papaya, organic green vegetables, life giving coconuts and some of the richest cacao in the world.

In the amazing surrounds of Bali, we create our own custom kitchen and gain assistance from the beautiful smiling Balinese staff who will adapt our equipment to the space available. Even though it may not look like a kitchen from the west, or a TV show it is a practical, real world kitchen made with love.

If you are looking for a training where everything is done for you, a ‘chef holiday’ training. If you are looking for a training that only focuses on the ‘food’ part of creating amazing cuisine – this is not the training for you.

If instead you are searching for something more, if you see or feel the possibility of creating real, lasting change for yourself and for others, then read on.

And feel – rather than just think – is it time?

Are you ready?

The Location

The island of Gods, Bali, is a rich and vibrant culture described by Yoga International Magazine as a place of ‘Living Yoga.’ Spirituality, harmony with nature, peaceful existence – these elements embody the Balinese way of life. Ubud is an artist, healer and yogi Mecca, considered to be the cultural heart and spiritual hub of this captivating Island. Embedded in rice terraces, temples and lush, green jungle, Ubud’s cooler climate (at a slight elevation) and powerful energy lends itself as the perfect yogic destination of discovery.


The faculty is just one of the stand out aspects of a Radiantly Alive Level I training. We fly in Master Living Food Chef, Sonja Eberhard, and a support team, to make sure you have everything you need to thrive. As a result you will receive the highest level of teaching as well as a broad range of knowledge and understanding of the whole yoga spectrum.

Sonja Eberhard

Sonja Eberhard – Head Chef

Being passionate about nutrition, yoga and health was the beginning of a culinary journey for Sonja when she returned to Australia in 1996 from living in Europe. Working in various Award wining wineries and cafes in west Australia, she opened her own cafe “Sonja’s Healthy & Tasty Foods” which gave her the starting point in building a great foundation and as the locals call it “the reputation as ‘the local food queen.’

The opening of West Australia’s southwest first yoga retreat centre and raw cafe, was the beginning of a whole new journey for her. Leading the kitchen and working with like-minded raw talents like Giles Hohnen, Matt Samuelson, Nwenna Kai, Sayuri Tanaka and Felix Schoener, was not only a great learning experience but also opened the door door to the raw food and high vibe world. Wanting a new challenge and a preference for being ‘behind the scenes’ she continued to redefine her skills by running a production kitchen, researching and developing new recipes for the kitchen leading her to launch her signature brand, Biolive.

After being involved with retreats and workshops and catering for functions such as David Wolfe’s Australian Longevity Tour, Sonja discovered a new passion in teaching at yoga retreats. She started working for Radiantly Alive’s rawfood training in Bali 2012, and now heads their biannual one-month Living Food Chef Certification Course. Throughout the year Sonja runs workshops, classes and retreats spreading her knowledge to people eager to learn new ways and techniques in improving their health and lifestyle.

Her own personal health challenges was what originally led her to the world of raw vegan food, discovering how to listen to her body and live a balanced lifestyle she is now impassioned with sharing this knowledge and gift with the world.

To see Sonja’s magical creations find her on Instagram @sonjaeberhard

Daniel Aaron

Daniel Aaron – Program Creator, Lead Facilitator

Yoga teacher, writer and human potential coach, Daniel leads trainings, workshops, classes and guides people to live their potential for happiness, health and success. Creator of the world recognized Radiantly Alive Teacher Trainings in 2005, Daniel also founded the Radiantly Alive Yoga studio in Bud, Bali in 2012. His own obsession with leaning and living radiantly brought him to learning from many of the modern masters, traveling the world with enlightened teachers and to delving into radically nutrition and cleansing. Blending what he has learned into a unique system of self-enquiry, movement and breath work, Daniel reaches people with compassion and evokes a space of understanding to inspire people to see their full range of possibilities. An unquenchable motivation to awaken himself and spark enlightenment in others has resulted in a profound awareness of human potential, the obstacles to living awake and a methodology to reaching it.


The Living Food Certification Course teaches the fundamentals of raw cuisine in four separate blocks throughout the training. The course emphasizes proper use of equipment and preparation of ingredients, flavor balancing, knife skills, simple fermentation, and food safety. Each week builds upon the previous week’s lessons, culminating in a food demonstration executed by the students, incorporating the lessons learned throughout the course. Each week includes lectures, practicals, and creative exercises to test and reinforce the students knowledge and skills gained along the way.

Philosophy and Transformation

One of the true and notable differences of a Radiant Life Training is the philosophy of personal transformation. While we delve into the origins of nutrition and what it is to eat vibrantly, we will spend a great deal of time on what is applicable, practical and inspiring for you right now outside of the food realm; the core aspects of your being which are yet to manifest, and the possibilities of what you could achieve in your life. Through the Radiant Life Core Curriculum, which involves group and one-on-one discussions, sharing, introspective practices, expansion exercises and more, your learning experience will be comprehensively affecting beyond what you can imagine from a training experience.

Fundamentals of Living Foods
Fundamentals of Living Foods

The introduction to the course provides a thorough orientation to our training. This first week, you will learn the basics of how to conduct themselves in a professional kitchen and create simple, delicious and nutritious raw vegan dishes. Students will practice knife skills every day with supervision and feedback from their instructors. You will also learn the basics of kitchen equipment, simple recipes, proper handling and use of ingredients, and standard food safety regulations.

Techniques in Raw Cuisine
Techniques in Raw Cuisine

Techniques in raw cuisine builds on the lessons learned in the previous section, and introduces dishes that require multiple pieces of equipment and multiple days of preparation. Delving into the skills of blending, sprouting, fermenting and dehydrating, youwill learn how to become confident in a living food kitchen. This week of class gives you the knowledge of how each component of a recipe functions. It teaches the importance of following a recipe as written, and it shows students how to adapt recipes for their own use.

Introduction to Raw Pastrys, Chocolates and Cheeses
Introduction to Raw Pastrys, Chocolates and Cheeses

Introduction to raw pastry, chocolate, and nut cheese creation focuses on preparation of the various ingredients of raw desserts and savory pastries, the basics of fermenting tree nut cheeses, and the essential elements of a cheese plate including crackers, chutneys and quick pickles.
You will also begin preparing for their final projects in week 4.

Recipe Development
Recipe Development

Confident public speaking
Planning and presenting a food demonstration
Here is where the previous modules all come together. You will design a food demonstration under the guidance of the instructors, execute one of these dishes, and present your work in form of a demonstration in front of a large crowd. It is here you will step into your power as a skilled, professional living food chef as you plan and present your own food demonstration whilst growing in your public speaking ability.


The Schedule

Our schedule is a product of love and constant improvement. Every training (over ten years worth), we enhance and improve the way we do things. This means the best is kept and refined, while new additions are constantly added.

Each day in the training is slightly different, and the schedule stays flexible to accommodate each individual training. A few times during the week you will join the YTT trainees, though when in the kitchen, a regular day will look more or less like this (note this is just an example, day to day training of schedule will vary and be adjusted as needed).

There will be some optional and some required classes to join with the Yoga Teacher Training, though an average day will involve dynamic presentations on Living Food, live demonstrations on how to create nutritious dishes and hands on experience with creating dishes for everyone on the Level I Training!

Radiant Life Activation

There’s life as you know it. And there’s life as you know in your heart it could be. What if you had the power to shape every aspect of your life into full delight, full alignment with your highest vision? Imagine family, relationships, business, health, sexuality, creativity, finances, spirituality and whatever is important for you brought to a level of wholeness, pleasure, fulfillment.

What if you could access that power in 4 days? This is what we do at the start of each teacher training. We set the base of the training, the mood, the vibe, on an energetic super-high so you get the absolute best training experience possible.

Daniel James and the team at Radiant Life Trainings will guide you through 4 days that will empower you to create your life in ways that you’ve never thought possible. Through a combination of discourse, individual coaching, exercises, humor, movement, and love, the Radiant Life Activation will bring into focus the success you have been wishing for and more.

These 4 days, included in the price of your training, will set you up with a base of openness and lightness, of clarity and understanding that will give you tools that you will be able to directly apply to living food, your training experience and your life.


Investment and Registration

What you get:

– Three amazing, nutritious and delicious gourmet Living Food meals a day.

Training in how to create amazing Gourmet Living Food Cuisine.

– Access to all classes in the Radiantly Alive Living Food Chef Certification Course.

Inclusioninthe Radiant Life Activation.

– Access to certain yoga classes and events (where schedule permits).

Inclusion in the Radiantly Alive Alumni Network – an international network of yogis and Living Food Chefs.

Daily support by the Radiantly Alive team of leaders, mentors and staff.

Ongoing post-training support.

Alumni discounts on trainings, classes and products from Radiantly Alive.

Plenty more than this (but we want to leave something as a surprise!)

Does not include accommodation

All inclusive of the above:

USD $4,370

To apply click the ‘I’m in’ button below


This training is open to everyone with a true willingness to learn and commit to living a life of inspired purpose. Though we don’t officially come together until the start of the training, your journey starts as soon as you sign up; as soon as the first step is taken.

Take some time to make sure we’re on the same page before you join us at the training. These are some required readings to get you up to speed:

‘A Complaint Free World’, by Will Bowen.

‘Loving What Is’, by Byron Katie.

‘Eating For Beauty’, by David Wolfe.

‘The Complete Book of Raw Food’, by Julie Rodwell.


Further recommended readings:

‘Conscious Eating’, by Dr. Gabriel Cousins.

’80/10/10′, by Douglas Graham.
For each book:

a) Write 300 words on your insights, thoughts and anything else you found valuable

b) Submit these reports two weeks prior to the start date of the training

These book summaries are a requirement for certification, and can be found at your local book store or amazon. They are purchased at the trainees expense.


About Radiantly Alive

You have the ability to be extraordinary in every aspect of your life. You can recreate yourself, live the life of you dreams – an outstanding leader, friend, partner, parent, business person – whatever it is, no matter how far away it seems, it’s within your reach. Harnessing that power, unleashing potential is not just what we do. Its what we live for.

The Radiantly Alive Teacher Training team, led by Daniel Aaron, enhanced with faculty around the world is about making your potential your reality. We’ve been doing it for more than 10 years now. The results, a radiant, powerful you – are guaranteed; we know it works.

Yoga Alliance Certified, Radiantly Alive Yoga is a fusion of great forms with a heavy vinyasa influence, which includes philosophy, pranayama, meditation, chanting and asana.

“Daniel is a caring and dedicated yogi who has experienced the fullness of the teachings and brings that fullness to all those with whom he shares.”

– David Life, co-founder of Jivamukti Yoga, author, master teacher.


  • "Quite simply, this training changed my life. Transformation doesn’t really feel like a big enough word for whats happened inside (and outside) of me. I came to Bali believing I would have some insights, what I did not, could not begin to understand is that my life would be made new again. That I would be cracked open and made whole all at the same time. That I would be shown the perfect, radiant beauty inside of me and all those around me. That I would see the world as a vibrant pasture of possibility, goodness, and beauty. That I would be so humbled and overwhelmed by gratitude for how wonderful life could be, will be, that it would bring me to my knees. It might be a cult. There is a lot of raw kool aid to be drunk. But in the end I was rewarded with a life rich with love, strength, courage, humor, and possibility. So yeah, if you’re not ready to confront yourself, go deep within, and work your ass off, then this training isn’t for you. But if you are, I can promise you a reward, and experience, a life beyond your wildest dreams. Bring on the kool aid!"

  • "For anyone wanting to test the boundaries of the resistence of their past patterns not serving them, this is the training for you. Besides deepening my practice and creating a foundation as a teacher, it is a blessing to be in this immersion, eating live foods and learning from the best teachers who come with love to teach what they believe in."

  • "I loved every moment of this training. It’s given me so much valuable things, insights, tools that it feels like the training had the duration of a year. What appeals most to me is the gift Radiantly Alive creates with a caring, loving environment where it feels safe to grow. I’ve fallen in love with yoga and even though it wasn’t my intention to become a teacher I definitely feel strong and skilled enough to practice being a teacher because of this training. This training serves everybody best if they open themselves up to look within. And the food is absolutely phenomenal"