JUN 20-23
SEP 20 – 23
Ubud, Bali

A few words about our training from Radiantly Alive founder, Daniel Aaron.

The Experience

There’s life as you know it. And there’s life as you know in your heart it could be. What if you had the power to shape every aspect of your life into full delight and complete alignment with your highest vision? Imagine family, relationships, business, health, sexuality, creativity, finances, spirituality and all that is important for you, brought to a level of wholeness, pleasure, and fulfillment.

Daniel Aaron – world renowned coach, leader and teacher – has dedicated his life to understanding human potential and patterns, and has led thousands of people to live brighter more, fulfilled lives.

Daniel, and the team at Radiantly Alive, will guide you through 4 days that will empower you to create your life in ways that you’ve never thought possible. Through a combination of discourse, individual coaching, exercises, humor, movement, and love, the Radiant Life Activation will bring you the success you have been yearning for and so much more.

You will leave this intensive with a deep understanding of who you are, the mechanisms of your ego (your patterns) and how you create your own reality for the rest of your life. This “knowing thyself” opens the possibility for having all that you ever wanted – the love, happiness, and ability to express yourself freely that is your birth right. Daniel gives you the operating manual for being a human that we all should have gotten at birth – it’s never too late to have the life you want.

The Location

The island of Gods, Bali, is a rich and vibrant culture described by Yoga International Magazine as a place of ‘Living Yoga.’ Spirituality, harmony with nature, peaceful existence – these elements embody the Balinese way of life. Ubud is an artist, healer and yogi Mecca, considered to be the cultural heart and spiritual hub of this captivating Island. Embedded in rice terraces, temples and lush, green jungle, Ubud’s cooler climate (at a slight elevation) and powerful energy lends itself as the perfect yogic destination of discovery.


The faculty is just one of the stand out aspects of a Radiantly Alive Level I training. Instead of the industry norm of one or two different teachers, we fly in eight or more internationally acclaimed teachers from multiple different disciplines. As a result you will receive the highest level of teaching as well as a broad range of knowledge and understanding of the whole yoga spectrum.

Keep glued to this page to see the exciting range of faculty as we confirm them for 2016!

Daniel Aaron

Daniel Aaron – Program Creator, Lead Facilitator

Yoga teacher, writer and human potential coach, Daniel leads trainings, workshops, classes and guides people to live their potential for happiness, health and success. Creator of the world recognized Radiantly Alive Teacher Trainings in 2005, Daniel also founded the Radiantly Alive Yoga studio in Bud, Bali in 2012. His own obsession with leaning and living radiantly brought him to learning from many of the modern masters, traveling the world with enlightened teachers and to delving into radically nutrition and cleansing. Blending what he has learned into a unique system of self-enquiry, movement and breath work, Daniel reaches people with compassion and evokes a space of understanding to inspire people to see their full range of possibilities. An unquenchable motivation to awaken himself and spark enlightenment in others has resulted in a profound awareness of human potential, the obstacles to living awake and a methodology to reaching it.

Bucky O'Neill

Bucky O’Neill – Personal Transformation

Bucky O’Neill is a master facilitator invested in helping people have better human experiences. Through the integration of multiple spiritual and self development practices and the application of innovative accelerated learning techniques, he creates unique programs designed to help people reach their full potential by causing a permanent shift in their personalities.​


Food will be provided for the events of June and September only.


Philosophy & Transformation
Ancient Concepts, Modern Applications

One of the true and notable differences of a Radiant Life Training is the philosophy of personal transformation. While we delve into the origins of yoga and the traditional yogic philosophy, we will spend a great deal of time on what is applicable, practical and inspiring for you right now; the core aspects of your being which are yet to manifest, and the possibilities of what you could achieve in your life. Through the Radiant Life Core Curriculum, which involves group and one-on-one discussions, sharing, introspective practices, expansion exercises and more, your learning experience will be comprehensively affecting beyond what you can imagine from a training experience.

Asana, Movement, Energy creation
Energy as an infinite commodity

Yoga is just one of the many tools employed by Radiantly Alive to help aid in transformation. During the RLA there will be some optional yoga based classes, there will be plenty of movement and lots of music! We use movement as a vital competent to keep energy up and flowing. In this way, you will learn about energy, how to create energy in your body and mind no matter what the situation or level of perceived tiredness.

Small and Large Group Processes & Coaching
Learning and growing together

No matter what our block is, no matter what challenges we face in life, we are not alone. Although the exact details and nature of the situation changes from person to person, everyone has struggles, everyone has areas they shine, and areas that are dulled. We will use the dynamic of the group in many ways from active group processes such as the AUM Meditation and the Dickens Process to writing, sharing and journaling exercises. In addition, you may receive the opportunity to be coached one on one in the group from one of the group leaders.

Nutrition and Contribution
Better living through high vibrational food

The basis for a happy life is our healthy body. No matter how much we learn, how much we can give in this world –if our body is not present and vital then what we have to contribute to the world is stifled. With so much information, and confusing around the world of nutrition and what creates healthy living, the Nutrition component of the RLA not only guides you on how you can reframe your food choices toward a vital life, but does so in a simple, understandable and easily applicable way.


The Schedule

During this 4 day intensive, you will join our Yoga Teacher Trainees for an interactive and transformational experience that will launch your life and the way you live it to new heights. The schedule by nature is fluid, and will change each day depending on the nature and pace of the group. In saying this, each day there will be some breaks, plenty of movement, lots of smiles and much introspection and self-discovery.

We have so much we want to share with you—which means our days are packed! Plan to arrive early in the morning (7-8am) and depart late in the evening (between 9-10pm). There will be several breaks throughout the day, so be sure to bring some light, healthy snacks to keep your energy and attention up. The exact flow of the day tends to vary based on the needs of the group, but rest assured, we will take excellent care of your mind, body, and spirit!


Investment and Registration

To secure your space on this years event click the ‘Im In!’ link below, fill out the application form and pay the full tuition fee. When you register and pay in full, you can bring a second person for half price.

What you pay:

$777 USD


– Fees are in US Dollars
– Does not include travel to and from Bali, or to resort faculties

*This event has limited capacity – registration by first come first registered basis. Space on training reserved upon completed application form and payment in full.


An open mind and heart.

A sense of humor.

A willingness to try on new, sometimes unusual ideas.

Aside from these four components, there are no pre-requisites. The RLA is open to anyone from any country, of any age or gender – anyone who is truly interested in getting the most out of life.


About Radiantly Alive

You have the ability to be extraordinary in every aspect of your life. You can recreate yourself, live the life of you dreams – an outstanding leader, friend, partner, parent, business person – whatever it is, no matter how far away it seems, it’s within your reach. Harnessing that power, unleashing potential is not just what we do. Its what we live for.

The Radiantly Alive Teacher Training team, led by Daniel Aaron, enhanced with faculty around the world is about making your potential your reality. We’ve been doing it for more than 10 years now. The results, a radiant, powerful you – are guaranteed; we know it works.

Yoga Alliance Certified, Radiantly Alive Yoga is a fusion of great forms with a heavy vinyasa influence, which includes philosophy, pranayama, meditation, chanting and asana.

“Daniel is a caring and dedicated yogi who has experienced the fullness of the teachings and brings that fullness to all those with whom he shares.”

– David Life, co-founder of Jivamukti Yoga, author, master teacher.