Living a Legendary Life

Oct 31 – Nov 5

If you are up for beyond extraordinary, creating and sustaining a quality of life, and being a light-being of huge positive influence in the world, this is your ticket. Legends are told about those who live them.

Mastery means going from knowing to doing to being. Most of us know. You’ve been doing. This is an immersion, a party and an intensive, custom-designed to pull you powerfully into your destiny.

Fulfillment, joy and authentic happiness.
Impact, influence and passion.

It’s easier than you think. Way easier. And incredibly fun – both the creation of your Legendary Life and the living of it ongoing.

Magic looks mystical from the outside. For the magician, it’s science with a sparkle of art. Is it your time to step up and into the inner circle where the science, art and your life come together?

In the evolution of knowledge there are a few different stages on the road to mastery. Knowing, Doing, and Being.

Millions of people have been exposed to the knowledge of how to change there life for the better, and yet not nearly as many are currently living the life of there dreams as they define it. A life of fulfillment, joy and happiness. A life of impact, influence and passion. A life to be remembered for, a Legendary Life.

The Living a Legendary Life program is an opportunity to take your definition of radiance, success and happiness to the next level of understanding and practice.

If you are looking to kick your life into full gear, this is an opportunity to gain the insights and experiences that will make the difference for you and your life!

Price: $3,370