Complaint Free Organization

After being inspired by Will Bowen’s ‘A Complaint Free World’, Radiantly Alive is proud to announce that we are officially a complaint free organization. Our entire team have committed to making this studio a complaint free zone. Read on for a little more about the challenge, and if you feel inspired, stop by and pick up a bracelet – our treat.

What is the challenge?

It takes 21 days to break a habit. This challenge is aimed at shifting our perception from a complaint-driven view to a complaint free approach. After founder, Daniel Aaron undertook (and is currently undertaking) the complaint free challenge, he realized the transformative impact it made on his life. For that reason, our entire team is proud to announce that Radiantly Alive is a Complaint Free Organization.

What defines a complaint?

Complaints are defined as any statement (out loud, thoughts are not included) that express dissatisfaction or somehow say that things are not good, right or acceptable. They include criticism, sarcasm and gossip. More important than the actual words, it’s the energy behind the words that differentiate a complaint from a report.

What are the benefits?

While the 21 consecutive days may be a challenge, and take considerably longer than 21 days for most of us, the process yields striking results well before the ‘goal’ is reached.

Read more about A Complaint Free World by Will Bowen, pick up a book and a bracelet and join today.

What are the guidelines?

  1. Pick up a book and/or bracelet (not in Bali? Use a rubber band or any bracelet you have at home)
  2. Commit to going 21 days with out complaining
  3. Anytime you complain, move the bracelet from one wrist to another and start over at day 1