Mastering the art of SELF-LOVE

Here at the studio, we have a beautiful tradition of celebrating every month with an intention. As we enter the month of love, we would like to set our focus on SELF-LOVE. Self-love has often [...]

Anticipation of a Trainee

I’ve just devoured my 3rd book on the list of recommended readings. A few weeks out from training, and I’m feeling ten different things at once. My mind swirls with images of [...]

The Leading Edge of Radiance

What every leader does is go first, go deep, try things out on themselves and from there, offer authenticity and congruency from their experience in support, love and empowerment for others. [...]

An Englightening Interview

Will Bowen and Daniel Aaron on Sacred Clowns and Fruit Inspired Yoga Check out Will Bowen and Daniel Aaron in this exclusive Facebook Live Video. A candid conversation between the dynamic due of [...]

Grateful: Love Song to the World

  This moving melody is more than just a sweet expression of appreciation.   Musicians Nimo Patel and Daniel Nahmod present dozens of volunteers from around the world in this piece [...]

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