State of Annoyance Eradicated

It hit me like a freight train carrying the nasty cargo of my own hypocrisy. Yuck.   I was telling Zaida, my 9 year old daughter, that it’s okay for her to feel upset, frustrated, angry, [...]

Replace Waiting with Living

“Patience is not simply the ability to wait – it’s how we behave while we’re waiting.” –Joyce Meyer Screw waiting. One of the luminaries of the modern era [...]

The Winnership of Leading

Mark Twain wrote: ‘There was a song in every heart.’ Zaida, my nine year old daughter, and I are heading to Missouri in a few weeks. We’re so looking forward to camping, seeing [...]

August – Profound Wisdom

Kindred spirits, If you are reading this, we must be much alike. Almost everybody would like to be happier, healthier, wealthier and wiser, and yet not many actually do anything about it. You are [...]

Nine Eleven

September 11, 2001. I’d gone to New York City mainly to get the preliminary check-up that would lead to me getting my eyes ‘fixed’ with laser surgery a month later. It happened [...]

Living True

Yogis and yoginis, children of God, lovers of Radiance… I am writing to you specifically, if you are someone wanting to live true to yourself, to your values and be of service to the world. Have [...]

Tie up your camel

There’s a great Muslim proverb that teaches about the balance between action and acceptance, control and allowing, trust and responsibility. “Trust in Allah, but tie up your [...]

It’s our thing

The fact that it was 5:55am, just after the faint light of the new day had come up, and that I was working hurriedly and feeling some stress about having the dining room ready, might have been [...]

July – Carpe Diem

Friends, Some friends and I just created a cool little home (life) improvement project here in Bali. We cut and carved a bunch of words that we are now putting on the walls in my home. They are [...]


When I arrive to pick up my princess, 9-year old Zaida, my daughter, from her aerial silks class, the twinkly-eyed teacher, Denise, sitting on the floor leaning against the wall smiles and shakes [...]

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