New Year’s resolution – open your body, heart and mind

We hope you kick started your year with great ideas for turning new year resolutions into accomplishments. Are you energized by these goals or maybe a little overwhelmed? As many of the new year’s resolutions will get you thinking to go faster, reach farther and achieve more, we inspire you to slow down. Slow down to think, plan, visualize. While manifesting a year of your dreams do not forget to go inwards…  Start your new year unlocking the possibilities by embracing your inner power, deepening connections, and openness for love and joy.

We have designed a special 7 day retreat in Bali where you can immerse yourselves in the ancient practices of yoga, meditation, chanting, mindful eating, purification, and so much more.

Our new one week yoga immersion retreat will open your body, heart and mind. 


  • Daily practice of a variety of yoga styles.
  • Holistic therapies to nourish and cleanse yourself.
  • Open and create space in your body through various tension release techniques.


  • Embrace gratitude, forgiveness and compassion.
  • Enjoy the power of ritual, community and joy.
  • Experience the spirituality of Bali, attending ceremonies in sacred locations.


  • Manage your state.
  • Overcome your limiting beliefs.
  • Learn to quiet your mind.

There is no better time to reset your life with healthy, empowered, and mindful choices at the cultural and spiritual center of the Island of the Gods. Embrace your life being fully present, with awareness, love, compassion and understanding.

Join us for this magical adventure to reconnect with yourself, feel inspired and welcome a renewed YOU!

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