Anticipation of a Trainee

I’ve just devoured my 3rd book on the list of recommended readings.

A few weeks out from training, and I’m feeling ten different things at once.

My mind swirls with images of what’s to come. I’m drunk with excited anticipation.


Will the classes be hard? I hope so. Will the self enquiry be enlightening? I’m sure of it. Maybe it’ll even lead me to answering why I hope the classes will be hard in the first place!

I love a challenge. I love to learn and grow. I already know that of myself. Which is exactly why I chose this training. I don’t just wish to get a certificate to allow me to teach, I want to get accredited for being the best me and to create the most optimal life for myself. Even if that means coming to face some tough truths and bringing to light some limiting patterns.

I know most of the teachers who will be leading the training, having already spent much time practicing at Radiantly Alive, in Ubud, Bali. A place I am lucky enough to call home. I can’t wait to have these teachers guide me in my personal practice, as well as creating me to be the best teacher I can be. I trust in their unique capacities to make me reflect, sweat, laugh, cry… all of it.

My mouth is watering when I think of the amazing, gourmet, raw food that the Raw Food Chef trainees are going to be making for us yoga trainees every day. It’s ingenious that their ‘practicing’ will be our tummy filling deliciousness. To nourish my body with live, vibrant foods is very important for me, and the deliciousness factor – that too!

I wonder who I’ll be sharing my room with, excited to make new friends, and knowing that 4 weeks in such close proximity will lend us to being very close indeed!

Am I ready for the legendary week 3 ‘transformation week’? The week that many talk about as full of emotional intensity, challenge and breakthroughs… I’ve heard the stories, I wonder what kind of breakthrough is in store for me. Again, bring it on. I’m ready for the hard yards. I know what’s on the other side of a breakthrough. I know that my life will never be the same.

My head is full with the visions of what this Yoga Teacher Training will be for me, as each day comes closer and closer to this experience of a lifetime. I remind myself, in this moment however, to breathe, slow my mind, notice where I am, my body in my seat, the air on my skin, and come back to the present – because, well, that’s yoga after all.



Have you ever taken a training before? Do you remember what it was like in the lead up? Nervous? Excited? Comment below and share with us your own experiences!


The Radiantly Alive Trainings are more than your average YTT. With the upcoming training fusing together 3 trainings at once – leadership, YTT and Raw Food Chef, there is more variety for you to chose your flavor of experience. As well as these, the training kicks off with an intensive ‘Radiant Life Activation’, a 4 day dynamic, transformative workshop, open to all (regardless of whether you stay for longer trainings). Take a look here at all we have to offer – there are STILL some spots left!!!



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  • Cynthia

    Yes, I could not have said it better. I might have added my age as I am sure most if not all will be younger. It is never too late to want to improve, this is my journey now. Do I wish I would have had the opportunity to do it earlier, of course but life is life and The Teacher Comes When The Student Is Ready…or when your life affords the opportunity.

    • Team Radiant

      Cynthia, you are so right in that it is never too late. EVER! The trainings have such an incredibly varied mix of ages and backgrounds, all levels from all around the world. That’s the beauty of training internationally, and in Ubud where it really does draw a mix of people from all walks of life. Breaking barriers and limits and redefining what it possible at any age! Wonderfully put, life is the greatest training of all. Much love.

  • erica

    I just disagree with this part: “… I want to get accredited for being the best me”.
    Why do we have to be accredited for someone? Cant`t we just FEEL we are on our best version?
    I think that when we want to “get accredited” is because we are not plenty enough and we keep trying to be approved and “get accredited”.

    • Team Radiant


      Thank you for sharing that! And yes, we understand where you come from in that! Of course freedom lies in not needing to be ‘accredited’ or ‘approved’ for anything – to be free from judgement, good or bad, is where true acceptance and self love lies, so I am with you here and think perhaps I did not properly express what I meant by that line! Woops. The intention of this line was more trying to express that ‘accreditation’ is the term used for when people get the professional certificate to be an ACCREDITED YOGA TEACHER, so in this way, it was a play on that ‘intent’ by expressing instead that to me (as the writer and trainee) more important than my ‘professional accreditation’ was that I was not training for a certificate or for that label (so the APPROVAL), but training to be the best me. I understand that the words may seem as if I meant it to be as doing it to get the approval perhaps, though that was not the intent of the line there! I was attempting to express that, ‘I want to do it for me, the professional accreditation is a bonus!’Hehehehe

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