The Leading Edge of Radiance

What every leader does is go first, go deep, try things out on themselves and from there, offer authenticity and congruency from their experience in support, love and empowerment for others.

Sometimes being a leader means stepping completely out of your comfort zone. Always it means you will experience the gifts of life in order to guide others towards these gifts.

On his recent travels, Daniel Aaron did just that, and now shares it with you.

Getting in an ice bath chamber of nitrogen gas, Daniel triggered his body in a systemic anti inflammatory response to oxygenate his blood in order to enliven his entire body with healing radiance.

In this clip, Amber from ‘Chill N Out’ Cryotherapy in San Diego explains the deep benefits of this healing modality for a full body health boost. So now he’s done it, come out more alive and vibrant, and invites you to experience the benefits of this therapy too.

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